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Welcome to Altos Engineering, your trusted partner in comprehensive software solutions.


We specialize in the design and development of intuitive websites, innovative apps, and complete software solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

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In every project we undertake, your success is our ultimate mission.


Altos Engineering is more than a software development company; we're your strategic partner committed to turning your digital aspirations into reality. Join us today and experience the difference that our expertise, speed, and comprehensive solutions can make in your business's digital journey.


Our team, comprised of seasoned developers Toomas Laigna, Margus Räim and Alvar Laigna will ensure that our deliverables exceed industry standards and your expectations.


At the core of Altos Engineering are our experienced developers, Toomas Laigna, Alvar Laigna and Margus Räim.

With a rich background in multiple areas of software development, they bring to the table an unrivaled depth of knowledge and a passion for delivering superior software solutions.
Both Toomas and Margus thrive on the rapid pace of the tech industry, leveraging their agility and expertise to deliver high-quality prototypes quickly and effectively. Their commitment and professionalism are the driving forces behind Altos Engineering, and they look forward to turning your software visions into reality.

Image of Alvar Laigna

Alvar Laigna

CEO & Architect

Alvar, an adept technologist, stands at the forefront of mobile gaming innovation and B2C gamification, with a particular emphasis on integrating web3 capabilities. He's deeply committed to forging a future where AI, blockchain, and game assets converge for enhanced community engagement and ownership. Beyond gaming, Alvar's expertise spans software architecture, data science, AI, and IoT, encapsulating his comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to technology.

Image of Toomas Laigna

Toomas Laigna

CTO & DevOps

Toomas Laigna, an experienced developer, specializes in mobile app development using native and React Native technologies and back-end solutions with Node.js and Python. His expertise extends to front-end development with React and Vue. In DevOps, Toomas is adept at establishing continuous integration and deployment pipelines, showcasing his well-rounded software development skills.

Image of Margus Räim

Margus Räim

Business Analyst / Data Science

With 18 years of experience, Margus is a skilled software developer specializing in building critical information systems. His expertise spans methodologies like ITILv4, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and various programming languages including Java, Python, C/C++, TypeScript, Javascript, and SQL. Leveraging this knowledge and his background in cryptography and modeling, Margus has successfully led many local and international IT projects.

Image of Rene Rebane

Rene Rebane

User Experience & Design

Rene Rebane brings a keen eye for detail and user-centric design to the team. With a passion for creating intuitive and engaging interfaces, he specializes in crafting digital experiences that blend aesthetics with functionality. Rene's expertise in UX/UI design is complemented by his ability to translate user needs and behaviors into seamless design solutions, making him a pivotal player in enhancing user satisfaction and interaction.

Image of Allan Luik

Allan Luik

User Experience

Allan excels in understanding and advocating for the end-user. He plays a critical role in ensuring that product interfaces are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and accessible. Allan's approach is deeply rooted in user research and usability testing, enabling him to design experiences that resonate with users and drive product success.

Image of Sander Gansen

Sander Gansen


Sander Gansen is a strategic marketing professional adept in creating and executing marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences. His expertise lies in digital marketing, brand strategy, and market analysis, which he leverages to enhance brand presence and drive business growth. Sander's innovative approach and data-driven insights are key to navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing.

Image of Taavet Maask

Taavet Maask

Full-Stack Developer

Taavet is a versatile full-stack developer with a knack for building robust and scalable web applications. Proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies, he skillfully bridges the gap between graphical design and technical implementation. Taavet's expertise in a range of programming languages and frameworks enables him to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet diverse business needs.

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